Hvmble Vegan Kitchen

Vegan & plant based Treats  × handmade with Love in Baltimore, Md


Hvmble is a vegan  bakery in Baltimore, MD, serving donuts & other treats, with recipes developed by Max Canner

Photos by Ykang Photography and Max Canner

Hvmble is a queer owned bakery and catering service operating in Baltimore, Maryland since 2016. Max (they/them) developed their vegan donut recipe after noticing the lack of vegan options in Baltimore at the time. Born out of a row-home kitchen in Charles Village, Hvmble now operates out of The Greener Kitchen in Pigtown. Confections will soon be sold from the deli at The Greener Kitchen, grand opening TBA. Max and their wife, Leah (she/her), live with their three cats in the Bolton Hill neighborhood of Baltimore.

Donuts can currently be found at Greenmount Coffee Lab on Friday mornings, or can be purchased by the dozen with advance notice. Hvmble also offers catering for events, weddings, parties, office meetings, and other large-group gatherings.

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find donuts at

Greenmount Coffee Lab
1400 Greenmount Ave
Baltimore, MD 21202
Fridays only

The Greener Kitchen
803 Washington Blvd
Baltimore, MD 21230



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